Case Study:  Whiplash


KB first came to me 6 weeks after a rear-end collision, presenting with severe neck pain, limited ability to move her head, and limited ability to raise her arms. She was unable to work as a floor nurse, and unable to do routine activities of daily living, such as light housekeeping. She felt that targeted massage would complement the physical therapy she was receiving.


All of the anterior neck muscles were extremely sensitive to touch, so I used a very light pressure in the initial treatment. One week later I was able to use slightly more pressure, as the sensitivity had subsided somewhat. She phoned to cancel her third appointment because the pain was completely gone and she felt she didn’t need further neuromuscular therapy.

Ten weeks later she came in for a third treatment, in pain again, and feeling that the physical therapy results had reached a plateau. She also had tingling in her fingers, a symptom that had started after she began strengthening exercises. She came in for neuromuscular therapy 5 more times over the next 5 weeks, and improved dramatically so that the tingling was gone and she was able to move in normal ways again.

Then she relapsed to previous levels of pain after doing cervical traction at home. Based on that, she made the decision to stay with neuromuscular therapy and discontinue all other forms of therapy. I treated her 5 more times over the next 5 weeks, and she made a full recovery.


In a total of 13 treatments, spread over 6 months, KB regained all of her normal ability to function. She now lifts patients, cuts the grass, plays with her children, and the rest of her normal daily activities – all without pain. She feels she has gotten her life back.

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